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Old News Worth Knowing

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WordPress is the No.1 Open Source CMS, but that’s old news.

WordPress Wins CMS Award

Back in 2009 the news broke about WordPress winning the award for best Open Source CMS in the world.  That’s why there are now more than 74 Million WordPress websites.  Small & large (some very large!), it is the dominant force for bringing new websites to market and it’s not because it’s well funded.  It’s not because of a slick marketing campaign, and it’s no even because it’s free.

It’s quite simply because it’s the best tool for the job. Period.

If you have clients questioning the use of an open source system over the likes of some amazing highly priced alternatives, such as Sitefinity, Kentico, and many others – perhaps they should spend a little more time talking to the thousands of truly gifted website designers & developers out there.  Instead of leveraging your immense budget (if you lucky have to one), to buy a licence for a corporately supported CMS system, spend the money where it matters.  Spend it on actual marketing.  Spend it on great graphic design, PPC, social media management. Spend it on any number of great ideas that will boost your ROI and maximise your companies profitability.