Hosting Packages

We use only state-of-the-art servers and software to host our client websites, domains, and email.

We use the latest Parallels Plesk hosting panel for all hosting packages giving you maximum flexibility and control over every aspect of your online presence.

WordPress Website Hosting

Why do I need hosting?

Your website files, domain name, and email need to be hosted on a server on the internet so that they can be accessed on the internet.  It’s a little like giving them an address.  A place to live, and to let other servers on the internet communicate with them.

Servers for this are somewhat expensive to run, and require significant technical skill, so the best option for most is to house, or host, your website and email with someone who has a server with capacity to hold your files and information.

You just pay a monthly fee, like a subscription, and they will look after everything for you.