WordPress X Theme: One size fits all

Mark McNeece Website Design

A colleague recently directed me to an interesting blog post that discussed the reality of creating a small website design business based around WordPress, and just one theme.  X Theme, by Themeco.  As it turns out, the article was of great interest to me because I have been using X Theme for the majority of new client websites this year, 2016.

WordPress based website designers will know the frequent dilemma they face of choosing the right theme for a client project.  In choosing a theme, often there’s a learning curve one has to negotiate in order to produce a pleasing website.  During this learning process, you discover the advantages and dis-advantages of the theme you’ve chosen to work with.  All to often, you also discover the one thing you need to do, which the theme won’t permit or cater for easily.  It’s quite upsetting when it happens.

How much easier life would be as a designer, if we could just become expert in one theme and use it for all client projects.  I have to admit, X Theme does appear to be such a theme.  It’s capable & adaptable to any situation or design.  As far as we can see there is no need to look at any other theme when X can do everything and anything you want.

In the article they talk about creating your own library of blocks and templates so that you can gradually reduce your development time makes perfect sense, and X Theme of course caters for this in Cornerstone.

What a great article!  I had been thinking this way for some time, but hadn’t actually realised it.  I’m very excited now about producing my own library of templates and blocks for all those pages and layouts I keep recreating.  Like contact pages, and “about us” pages, even “meet the team” type pages.

Working with WordPress and X Theme just got a lot more interesting!