Should I use BOLD tags, or STRONG tags?

I’ve debated whether it’s best to use <b>BOLD</b> tags, or <strong>STRONG</strong> tags in my copy.  Does Google favour one over the other when it comes to SEO?

On the face of it, this might seem like a silly question.  Surely it doesn’t matter?

The truth is that strictly speaking, Google does favour the <b>BOLD</b> tags.  However, it’s so slight that it probably isn’t worth revisiting any of your copy to change from one to the other.  If your writing new copy, you might be happy to know that yes it does make a difference, but again probably not enough of a difference that it should influence how you create your copy or markup.

What is important is to consider your users, the ones you hope will read and appreciate your content.  Some webmasters, when considering SEO, go to great pains to carefully choose when and where to use italics, underline, bold, etc., but it makes such a small difference that the effort would be better spent on improving the copy itself, if possible.  Over use, or even inappropriate use, of the formatting tags will make your page look confusing, and unprofessional.

When writing the copy of your site, don’t get bogged down in the markup, just write good content!

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