Is there any way to automate the link building process?

Link building is tedious and time consuming.  I send out vast numbers of emails every week, asking other websites to link with my own, but I rarely get a response.  Is there an easier way to get links?

If you want people to link to your site, the simplest way to achieve this is to write genuinely unique and interesting content that others will naturally want to link to it.  Moreover, this natural linking is the only truly worthwhile linking.  Reciprocal links are of little or no value and it’s not recommended to devote time or money chasing them.

Do everything you can to improve the information and content on your site so that your website visitors will sit up and take notice of it; telling others about it.  Update your site regularly.  Publish a regularly updated blog, or frequent news articles.  Ensure there’s a reason to link to your site, and a reason to revisit it.  If you do this, the links will come without any further encouragement from you.

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