Can you guarantee top ranked results on Google?

I’ve had lots of spam emails from people and companies guaranteeing top ranked results if I pay for their SEO services.  Also, I’ve found a few websites offering similar guarantees.  Do you offer guaranteed top ranked results on Google?

Prospective clients often ask if we can guarantee top ranked results on the major search engines, particularly Google, if they take our search engine optimisation service.  It’s usually pointed out to us that there are other SEO companies that offer such guarantees.  However, it’s both impossible and misleading to offer such promises or guarantees; therefore, we don’t.

You should be extremely wary of any company or individual who claims to offer any such guarantees; or claims of close relationships with Google or Yahoo.

The purpose of our search engine optimisation service is to better prepare your website for the search engines to ensure they have the best chance possible of ranking highly.  We don’t employ any “tricks”, it’s just clear and honest preparation of pages to ensure their quality, and appropriate content.

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