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Share with someone feeling loss this Xmas

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Happy Christmas!

This is my first Christmas without my Father, John McNeece. It seems like only yesterday he passed. I miss him terribly.

Thinking about how I feel has made me realise how so many others must also be feeling at this time of year. Lost Mum’s and Dad’s, sons and daughters, wives and husbands, good friends and neighbours.

I would like to ask everyone who knows someone feeling this kind of loss this season, to let them know that they are in your thoughts, and maybe prayers.  That you are there for them.

Christmas is a funny time of year really. It brings out the best in many of us. It evokes memories of years past, of people, places, sounds and smells.

Please share your precious memories if you feel you would like too.

Has anyone experienced a Christmas miracle?

Please, share this post with the people you love who have lost someone.

Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas!

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  1. My pleasure Peter. I can’t begin to imagine that kind of loss. It must be so much harder on special days like today. If it helps any, your not alone. We just remember our loved ones that bit more today.

  2. Oh gosh! I’m so sorry to hear that. I hope you were able to chat on the phone? It can be a lonely time of year too for many people. That’s what made me think if everyone in your situation Peter. Big hugs

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