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Fact: Over 85% of Internet users find websites through the search engines.

When you consider the billions of web pages on the internet today, all fighting hard for top search positions, you must also realise that there's billions of pages that can't be found on any search engine.  Such obscurity can't be a marketing strategy, surely?

Effective search engine optimisation and marketing is essential if you don't want your web pages to be lost in obscurity.  This is as true for small businesses and major brands alike.  The truth is that website optimization is far from complex, but it does need to be handled correctly, by experienced professionals if you want to achieve those top search engine results.

As leaders in website optimisation, we are the experts you can trust.

"It is fair to say that BSolveIT have turned our business around"
- John Devine, Managing Director, Menorca Walking Holidays

"We have been delighted with the amount of new business"
- Richard Earl, Managing Director, TGMS Limited

"our site visitor statistics have increased beyond expectations"
- Stewart Guantlett, Managing Director, Kelly's International Limited

The Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) Service

We make no attempt to mystify the search engine optimization process, unlike many you may talk too.  Instead, we choose to de-mystify the whole process, and help you to finally understand what it's all about. 

The combination of our technical know-how, remoting tools, and plain talking will quickly put you at ease that you've found the right SEO partner.

We're also very happy to work closely with your own technical staff, who will quickly learn from our years of experience and improve their understanding and technical ability.

We Provide:

  • Keyword analysis
  • Competitor analysis
  • On-page optimisation
  • Solutions for flash sites
  • Press Release (optional)
  • Fast, manual search engine submission & reporting
  • Monthly re-submission and reporting
  • Monthly position / ranking reporting
  • Remote technical assistance & support for PC & Mac clients

Press Release (Optional)
Once we have optimised your website for the search engine, and with your assistance, we can write a press release for you and publish it on the internet.  This alone would usually be a very costly service, reserved for the larger companies.  However, it is an exciting optional element in our SEO process, getting your website services or products seen by potentially thousands, if not millions, of potential new customers within hours of publication.  There is no additional charge for the press release if you would like us to do one for you, and there is a basis for it.

Plus: Critical to the success of our search engine optimisation (SEO) service, is addressing the number of inbound links to your website. Therefore, with every project we also include a bulk directory submission service. This means our dedicated team will manually submit your optimised website, to 500 search engine friendly directories worldwide. This will significantly boost your website ranking, after optimisation, on Google, Yahoo and indeed every other major search engine in the world!

Our unique directory submissions programme is incredible. Over a period of up to 6 weeks, your website will be expertly submitted by our specially training staff, leaving no stone unturned in our mission to see your website succeed.

The Results:

  • Fast
  • High ranking top positions
  • Increased relevant website traffic
  • Website easily found on Google, Yahoo and all other search engines
  • Obvious results
  • Market dominance

Our search engine optimisation service is honest, and effective.  Return on investment is key, and we're confident that you'll be extremely satisfied with our results.

Our clients consistantly claim that taking the BSolve IT search engine optimisation and internet marketing service has been the best move they've made in years!

Professional Search Engine Optimisation of your Website

Only £ 495.00 (inc.VAT)

All inclusive price.
One time only payment.
No hidden costs - No monthly subscriptions.

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Search Engine Optimisation & Marketing Strategy
Common Questions & Answers
If I use your search engine optimization service, will I get more business & sales?
More than likely, yes!

Of course, we don't make any such guarantee's, but our aim is to increase the relevant traffic to your web site.
Almost all companies find that this in turn generates significantly higher levels of sales and revenue.
Take a moment to read some of our client testimonials to see how our services have helped others just like you to improve their business.
Can you, or anyone, guarantee top results on Google?
Many SEO companies claim to be able to guarantee top results on Google, but you should check the fine print before proceeding.

It simply isn't possible to make any such guarantee's, and it would be misleading to attempt to do so.

The primary purpose of search engine optimization is to ensure that your web site pages can be indexed, that they are search engine friendly, well prepared and focussed, and that they contain appropriate levels of keywords.
Ultimately, the goal of the SEO process is to increase the levels of appropriate traffic to your web site, not to guarantee you #1 results for search phrases that no-one is using.
How quickly will I see the results of the SEO in Google?
Usually we start to see improved results within 2 - 4 weeks, or sooner.
It depends on many factors, and it usually takes a little longer for newer web sites.
However, search engine optimization shouldn't be considered a quick fix to getting top placement and lots of new sales. SEO is a middle to long term strategy to improve your web site performance on the search engine results pages, and therefore increase traffic, and hopefully sales.
Why should I take your SEO service instead of any other SEO firm?
Technical Knowledge & Honesty

There is no other SEO company that can match us for our vast experience or technical knowledge of the SEO task, including web programming software and languages.

However, even more importantly (and refreshingly so), we are principled and honest. We make every attempt to explain everything in plain english, both what we do and why we're doing it. In working with us, you will finally completely understand the SEO process and in how to manage it for yourself without us in the future.

One of our aims is to empower you to continue to grow and expand your website and your business successfully, adding ever more content and maintaining the top search engine results we attained for you.

We don't expect you to be tethered to us for the life of your website. We will always be there to support you if you need us, but our expectation is for you to not need any further SEO help by the end of the 12 month programme.

Choosing to work with us is not only the right move to make, it's the smart move to make. Just ask any of our clients.
All the SEO companies say they are different, and honest. How can I believe you?
Call us!

There is no greater proof of the pudding, than in the eating.

Time and again, after just one initial phone call, new clients tell us what a breath of fresh air it is to talk to an expert who can clearly demonstrate an in-depth understanding of SEO and the search engines; but to do so using plain English that is instantly understandable. The difference between what we have to say, and everyone else you might talk to about SEO, is as clear as night is to day.

You too will feel this way after our intial phone call.

Find out for yourself - call us. You'll be glad you did.
My website has hundreds of pages. Will you optimise every page?

We expect to search engine optimise roughly 5 - 10 pages of any website. The critical pages. Most websites, other than ecommerce / shopping sites, have a small number of critical pages for their services / products.

However, larger websites & the ecommerce sites typically have a CMS that drives them. These are dynamic websites, or sites with dynamic web pages. Therefore we look to optimise the pages in a dynamic fashion also.

Where the content on a large number of pages needs to be updated for optimisation purposes, we will carefully guide you through the changes that need to made.
What is the monthly cost of your SEO service?
There are no monthly subscription charges at all

The amount you pay for our service covers the entire cost of the service we provide.

There are no hidden costs of any kind, and we do not have any clients paying any kind of monthly subscription at all.

Our SEO service is an all inclusive service with an all inclusive, one time only payment at the beginning.

The monthly reporting continues for 12 full months at no further cost.
How quickly will I see the results of the SEO in Google?
Usually we start to see improved results within 2 - 4 weeks, or sooner.

It depends on many factors, and it usually takes a little longer for newer web sites.

However, search engine optimisation shouldn't be considered a quick fix to getting top placement and lots of new sales. SEO is a middle to long term strategy to improve your web site performance on the search engine results pages, and therefore increase traffic, and hopefully sales.
Will my website need to be re-optimised every month?
Absolutely not!
Once a web page/site has been optimised for the search engines, there's nothing else to do.
You should continually add new content to your website, if you want to keep visitors interested.
Any new pages and content may require optimisation in order to achieve the best results from the search engines.
We aim to correctly optimise your pages for Google, and all search engines, from the very beginning.
Visit our Search Engine Optimisation F.A.Q. for more answers to common questions about search engine optimisation & internet marketing.


International Web Marketing Association Award 2008

UK Net Guide 5 Star Rating

Telerik MVP - Most Valuable ProfessionalMicrosoft Registered Partner

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