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The desktop isn’t dead, but mobile devices and tablets now account for significantly more web traffic than desktop computers.  Since April 2015, Google now favours responsive websites in their search results.

We have the solution you need at a price you can afford.


Responsive design - device independant

Easy to Update Websites with a CMS

All our website solutions are built on the worlds most popular, & advanced content management systems.  WordPress & Sitefinity. Putting the full power of the web at your finger tips.

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Responsive Design

Responsive design for mobiles, tablets, laptops, and desktops.

Mobile Friendly Websites

Our website design solutions are fully responsive.  This means they automatically display differently on different devices, like smart phones, tablets, and desktops.

Responsive design ensures the correct display of every page and element of your website, no matter what device is being used to view it.

Google now favours responsive, mobile friendly, websites in their search results.


Search Engine Optimisation

All our website design solutions are search engine optimised before being handed over to our clients, in order to achieve the best possible search results and traffic within a few days of launch.

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There are many sides to building an effective website.  Some believe it’s simply a question of creating a stunning looking website.  Actually, that’s merely nice to have, it’s not imperative.

We are highly experienced experts with the platforms we work with, WordPress & Sitefinity.  Additionally, we have many years of experience writing advanced custom code in ASP, .NET (C# and VB.NET), Silverlight, VB Script, PHP, Javascript, jQuery, AJAX technologies, Python, Ruby, Web Services, Transact SQL, Microsoft SQL Server, and many more.

Search engine optimisation has always been central to every website design solution we’ve built over the last 15+ years.  Our customers come back to us time and again for new websites for new ventures, or to refresh existing websites.  Why?  Simply because the solutions we offer are highly effective, and our support is superb.

Make the right choice for your next website.  Choose a solution partner that understands and is focussed on every aspect of creating and launching a winning website that will generate business for you.


Good is the enemy of great

Jonathan Ive
Apple Inc. Chief Designer

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Top Search Results

Google now favours responsive websites, as do your customers. They are much easier to read and navigate on all devices, no matter their size.

With a professionally designed responsive website from BSolve IT, your giving your business the best chance of attracting more customers and increasing those profits!

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Website Hosting & Support Options

Hosting Options

  • Plesk hosting control panel
  • Email management
  • DNS Management
  • POP3/SMTP and IMAP support
  • WordPress Toolkit
  • Daily Scheduled Backups

Support Options

  • Telephone Support
  • Email Support
  • Remote Control Support
  • Custom Development
  • Help & guidance with any aspect of your online business

Stress Free Hosting & Support from the Experts

With our state of the art servers, and software, you never have to worry about hosting setup or configurations.  We will take care of everything for you, whilst allowing you access to your own control panel should you wish to make changes.

For all our clients, we host and support evey website solution, for the lifetime of the website, for a monthly fee.  Your website will be hosted on a server with 100% guaranteed network uptime. Each client gets access to their own hosting control panel from where they can administer all aspects of the hosting we provide, including email accounts, DNS, backups, and even backup to dropbox.

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Frequently Asked Questions

This is a question we are asked often.  The simple answer is none.

However, you will need to supply the content to go on your new website.  If your written english isn’t so good, we will help you with it.  Some clients merely provide us with a list of bullet points for each page or section, and we turn out the written copy for them based on those key points.

Alternatively, some clients prefer us to create the framework and let them enter their own content in their own time.  For this, we only need to know what pages should appear on the menu, and any additional sections within pages.

First, don’t panic!

We will guide you through the process to make it as easy and painless as possible.  After all, we’re used to it all.  We will provide suggestions and offer guidance through every aspect of designing and building your fabulous new website. We will continue to do this for you throughout the life of the website while we host it for you.

Yes of course!

We wouldn’t be much good as web designers if we didn’t offer this kind of guidance.  Ultimately, it’s your choice whether to take the advice we offer or not.  We urge you to trust us though, as we probably know more about this kind of thing than you do.

Will your new website display properly on devices of different sizes, such as mobile phones, tablets, laptops, and desktops?  Yes indeed!

The technology to achieve this is known as Responsive Design.  All our solutions are built with responsive design.  They look just as stunning on every device, and just as easy to use and navigate.

The cost to build your new website will depend entirely on the features and content you wish us to create for you.  That is, the cost is based simply on time.

For a very simple website, with a simple design, the price starts at just £300, plus vat.  This is because we estimate 1 full man day to produce the site, establish the hosting, and to hand it over to you with a little training on how to update it.

Not at all!

We are more than happy to make simple updates for you here and there free of charge.  As a general rule of thumb, we are unlikely to charge for anything that takes 15 minutes or less.

If the requested change or addition is likely to take much longer than that, we will give you an estimate of the costs involved.

However, any task that is simply “support” related is free of charge.

If only we could!

The truth is, nobody can make any such guarantee.  While it is true that we are Search Engine Optimisation experts (for over 15 years) the trick is to prepare the website pages so that they are focused, and engaging, with plenty of unique content.  We attempt to prepare your website pages to make them easy for Google to index and understand.

How well the website performs is based on numerous other factors outside of our control.  Such as, competitor websites, how often you update it, your social media popularity, how long you’ve had your domain name, inbound links, etc.

Yes indeed!

We have many clients who have numerous websites for different aspects of their businesses.  They can all be hosted inside your hosting account with us, all with their own email, backups, etc.